Tips on Choosing Plants at the Nursery

You’re planning a garden in your home for the first time. You’re excited to beautify your space and done googling gardens for inspiration. But when you get to the nursery, you’re suddenly drawing a blank. There are too many plants to choose from, and you wish you had a mental checklist of what to buy.

This is perfectly natural for beginner gardeners (I’ve been there myself). Here are some tips to avoid getting overwhelmed:

  1. Select plants that are grown locally. If they’ve been grown in a different climate, they may not adjust to the local climatic conditions. For colder climes, include hardy plants like Pansies, Lily of the Valley, and Coral Bells. Have a look at to check which plants are likely to grow well at a location.
  2. Buy annuals and/or perennials. Annual plants such as Begonia, Chrysanthemum and Dahlia bloom all year long. Lavender, Peony and Coneflower are popular perennials that adorn a garden for many years.
  3. Be realistic about how many plants you really need. If you buy one too many, you’ll find yourself placing them too close to each other. And even if you have a large space to fill up, too many plants can give off the feel of a public garden.
Red Dahlias brighten up any garden spot or border.