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Plants that flower, produces seed and dies during one season. We have used this term to include some plants that are actually perennials in the tropics but that we commonly grow as annuals.

The Treasure Flower Is One Of The Annual Plants Featured in PlantSwatch™


A plant that typically grows a rosette of leaves, survives through a cold period (ie. winter) and then flowers, produces seed, and dies.

Hollyhock is a Biennial that loves Full Sun and well drained warm soil.

Hardy Bulbs

A plant that survives temperate-zone winters by developing buds on an enlarged storage organ. We have used the term bulb in a broad sense to include true bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers.

The Pink Pearl Hyacinth is a Hardy Bulb Plant.

Herbaceous Perennials

A plant that lives for more than two years and develops soft, herbaceous growth. We have used this term to include some plants called sub-shrubs that develop semi-woody growth.

Oriental Poppy is a Herbaceous Perennial.

Tender Bulbs

A plant that develops buds on an enlarged storage organ but that will not survive outdoors in temperate-zone winters. Similar to the hardy bulbs, we have used the term bulb in a broad sense to include true bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers. The bulb is dug in autumn and kept frost-free over the winter. Some of these plants are grown as annuals.

Canna Pretoria is a Tender Bulb Rhizome. Loves the sun.

Perennial Grasses

Perennials are plants that continue to grow indefinitely or that regrow each year. Most of the commonly used forage grasses function as perennials, reproducing vegetatively as well as by seed. With perennials, vegetative reproduction involves development of winter-hardy crown tisue which contains buds and tillers that resume growth with the onset of spring temperatures.

Short-lived Perennials

Forage grasses which perenniate for 3-5 years are typically referred to as short-lived perennials. Perennial ryegrass is an example of a short-lived perennial forage grass. However, any perennial that is mismanaged will be short lived.

Source: Oregon State University ~ Grass Growth and Regrowth for Improved Management

A Perennial Grass, Feather Reed Grass will provide Form and Color throughput the year.

Hardy Ferns

There are numerous kinds of hardy ferns available in garden centers.  Many fern species are deciduous, dying back to the ground for winter. Others are evergreen, providing attractive winter foliage in the garden, or brought indoors for cut-flower arrangements.

Source: ~ Home / Perennials 101 / Succeeding with Hardy Ferns.

The Ostrich Fern is a Crowd Pleaser and Makes a return every Year as a Perennial Plant.

Aquatic Plants

Plants that grow mostly submerged or possibly with leaves and flowers emerging from water. Most will survive temperate zone winters if the water does not freeze all the way to the bottom of the pond or pool.

Nymphaea-ATTRACTION is a Hardy Emergent Aquatic Water Lily.


Over hundreds of years they have been specially bred to produce a wide variety of growing habits and a broad range of colours from dark red to white including as well yellow and a bluish/lilac colour. Many roses have a strong, pleasant scent.

Source: Wikipedia


A woody plant that typically grows with multiple stems arising from the ground. Some shrubs can be pruned and trained to a single stem like trees.

Oregon Grape-Holly is a Broadleaf Evergreen Shrub


A woody plant that typically grows with a single stem or trunk.

PlantSwatch™ Features a Number of Trees for your Garden


Plants with long stems that employ various strategies to help them climb such as tendrils, modified roots, twining stems or petioles, or prickles. Some rely on a trellis or nearby plant to climb, while others can attach themselves to a surface with no additional help.