Choose the best plants for your garden

Plants are living beings with the same needs as you: water, sunlight, nutrients, a suitable environment to develop and love. To choose the plants that will best adapt to your garden, you must correlate their needs with the climatic and environmental conditions of your space, as well as with the time you have available to provide them with the care they need.

Both Canada and the United States have developed systems to generate climatic categories or zones, established from historical records of temperatures and rainfall, so you can find this information on the official pages of the departments of agriculture. Once you know the climatic conditions of your city or province, your next step will be to look for the requirements of those plants you would like to have and select those whose needs can be satisfied within the conditions of your environment. This information about the requirements of your plants can be found in local magazines, nurseries, and blogs, such as the ones below:,round%20conditions%20in%20your%20area

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