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How Does PlantSwatch™ work?

I recently used the PlantSwatch™ in my own garden. After removing some monstrous shrubs left by previous owners, I was left with a fairly large space in need of something… and what gardener doesn’t love the chance of starting over with a clean slate. Sure, it’s easy enough to get the beds started, but then […]

What is PlantSwatch™?

PlantSwatch™ is just like a paint swatch but deigned for choosing garden plants instead of paint. This nifty little “tool” is basically an easy-to-carry index that’s arranged by color and hardiness zones. It features over 230 plant varieties, each with its own growing conditions. From shrubs and trees to grasses and flowering plants, you’ll find […]

PlantSwatch™ – Gardening by Color and Zone Has Never Been Easier

Most people are familiar with those colorful paint swatches available for choosing that perfect shade of color for your home – be the kitchen, the bedroom, or outdoor shed. But what if you could just as easily choose the best colors for the garden in a similar way? You can, and PlantSwatch™ is the answer!