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About Us Growing up in central and southern Africa, Phillip got used to the huge variety of plants growing with almost wild abandon. The warmth of the soil seemed to effortlessly squeeze buds out of seeds and all one had to do was water and …. sometimes fertilize. With a mother running the only florist […]

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Ask, Learn, Share and Show Off

If you’re a gardener like me, you’re already thinking about SPRING 2021. I tend to go over challenges of the last few months and try to envisage the renaissance of...

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Hardiness Zones and How to Beat Them

The USA is divided into eleven hardiness zones, each one being delimited by a 10⁰F difference in annual average minimum temperatures. Most zones also have ‘a’ and ‘b’ sub-divisions with...

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How Does PlantSwatch™ work?

I recently used the PlantSwatch™ in my own garden. After removing some monstrous shrubs left by previous owners, I was left with a fairly large space in need of something…...

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What is PlantSwatch™?

PlantSwatch™ is just like a paint swatch but deigned for choosing garden plants instead of paint. This nifty little “tool” is basically an easy-to-carry index that’s arranged by color and...

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