About PlantSwatch™
Garden Planning Simplified!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener with acres of flowerbeds or a condo dweller with pots to fill, PlantSwatch™ will help you select the right plants for any patch of soil.

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Why Choose PlantSwatch?

Handy PlantSwatch is small enough to fit into your pocket or your bag. It’s especially handy when you’re shopping for new plants or needing to brush up on your gardening know-how!

Color and Climate Matching With PlantSwatch you’ll be able to seek out plants that match the plant colors you want to add to your garden, while making sure those plants will survive in your hardiness zone.

Share With Us Every small victory you experience is a victory for all gardeners. Share your images and you may be eligible for gardening specials we’ll be offering from time to time. Click HERE to share your gardening images.